Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coldfusion RETs Kickoff

And so it begins. The goal is to create a pure Coldfusion application to access and update real estate listings via a RETS server. I have managed to find a shockingly limited amount of information about accomplishing this with Coldfusion. The fact that you can usually find someone else posting up code for a similar project is one of the things I like best about Coldfusion. I can't even count the number of times I have embarked on a new project only to quickly discover a similar project in it's final stages, free for download, (Yeah, I am talking about you Camden, haha). This one seems to be different though, and maybe I will soon find out why there is so little out there. I should make a mention that I am going to use this blog almost as a journal during development, so I fully expect it to be a bit "all over the road". Maybe at some point, if all goes well I will drop back and clean it up to produce an easier read.

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